Aziz Alasmar Biography: Wiki, Net Worth, Age, News & Death

Aziz Alasmar Biography: Aziz Alasmar is a TikToker and social media personality. He had 240k followers on his social media account. Aziz became famous as the Small Sheikh of Dubai.

He was also known as the Little Sheikh of Dubai. His parents took extra care of him, and offered him everything he asked for. Alasmar’s parents constantly encouraged him not to worry about what other people thought of him and instead focus on his own abilities.

Aziz Alasmar Biography

Who is Aziz Alasmar?

Aziz Alasmar, a SOCIAL MEDIA influencer from Dubai and Comedy Sheik was a smaller SOCIAL MEDIA personality. Social media had a large fan base. He was a member of the Islam faith. He was poor before, but the social media helped him become rich quickly. He is only 27 years old. He was Unmarried.

Aziz Alasmar made a lot of comedy videos on YouTube. This increased his fan base. His comedy was very popular. This is some information on Aziz Alasmar’s biography.

Aziz Alasmar Biography

NameYazan Alasmar
ProfessionSocial Media Influencers, Youtuber
Birth PlaceDubai
Date of Birth1990 to 1991
Age30 years old (Died)
Material statusUnmarried
Wife NameNot Yet
ChildrenNot Yet
Height3 Feet
Weight16 kg
Net Worth$1.5million
HobbiesLuxury cars & lifestyle
Aziz Alasmar Biography, Date of Birth, Wiki, Net Worth

Aziz Alasmar Family Details

Aziz Alasmar’s family consists of three members. He has three members in his family. He also had many friends and fans.

Please note that He and his other family members are not listed on any platform.

Aziz Alasmar Career

Aziz is a social media influencer. He said that after completing his degree, he had worked for several private firms. He was hard-working and accomplished several tasks. Aziz makes reels, and he has a large social media following. He has worked with many famous magazines and businesses.

Aziz Alasmar Net worth

Aziz Alasmar is a man with too many options for earning money. Youtube, Instagram, Paid Promotion, and others. We do not have his correct net worth information, because it is not publicly available. We will not reveal the exact net worth, but we can tell you what it is expected to be.

  • Aziz Alasmar net worth in Indian rupees is 12,24,10,800.00(Expected).
  • Aziz Alasmar’s net worth is 1.5 million dollars.

He is a man of luxury. He had sooo many branded vehicles like-ROLLS ROYCE BMW and Mercedes Benz. He would make videos and post them on social media. His videos became very popular.

Aziz Alasmar Age

Aziz is 30 years old according to the year 2023.

Aziz Alasmar’s Disease

Aziz is only 3 feet high, which makes him extremely small. Many people became interested in his condition and disability. You should be aware that short stature can be caused by many conditions including malnutrition and hormone imbalances.

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Aziz Alasmar Early life, Parents

He is known as the Small Sheikh of Dubai. His parents always took good care of him, and wanted to give him everything he asked for before he even asked. Alamar was also constantly urged by his parents to concentrate on what he could do rather than what other people thought. The name of his parents has not yet been revealed. He has also kept the identities of his siblings hidden from public view. He is a man of mixed heritage who fervently adheres to Islam.

Aziz Alasmar News

Aziz Alasmar has passed away. The news shocked his fans, friends, and family. Aziz Alasmar, his friend, brought us the news of Aziz Alasmar’s death.

Aziz Alasmar Death

Aziz Alasmar died on Thursday, according to Aziz Asmar, his Saudi friend, in a video that caused a lot discussion on social media.

Aziz a YouTuber, died due to failing health. Every treatment that was tried failed to help him. Recently, his health had deteriorated and he was admitted to hospital. He also appeared in a movie shot in a hospital where he was receiving treatment for several days due to his physical condition and disease.

Who is Aziz Alasmar’s Girlfriend?

He worked with beautiful women but was never in a relationship and is still single. He was focused on his career.

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